Function Tips

Finger Food can be the highlight of your event or a serious letdown depending on the quality of the food and the selection you make available. People look forward to trying new and different foods at functions and parties, and will to tend talk about the food if the conversation drops off. So consider ordering something that is a little different to the food you normally eat.

The trick to hosting a successful event is being organised. Start planning early. Create a running sheet of the items you will serve and at what times. Think about what plates and platters you will use to serve each variety and label them accordingly.

How many pieces of Finger Food will you need?

The number and types of finger food you serve all depend on the event you are hosting. For a cocktail party, finger food will be the focus, so be sure you have plenty to go around!

Number of Pieces
Cocktail Party: 4 hours 10-12 pieces per person

Dinner Party: Pre dinner 4 to 5 pieces per person for an early meal or 6 per person for a later meal


8 different varieties if 50+ people
4 to 5 different varieties for 20+ people
3 different varieties for small gatherings
Provide a least one vegetarian option

Remember in a larger crowd tastes can be varied.

Hot or Cold

People tend to prefer hot over cold food even in hot weather. We suggest 70/30 in favour of hot food.

Cook ahead

Our products are designed to be cooked from frozen, DO NOT THAW. However to save yourself stress, you can cook your products the day before or on the morning of your event then refrigerate. Close to the time of your event, preheat your oven. Your precooked items will then only take 10-15 mins in a hot oven to be ready to serve. You will need to check that our items are hot through, as oven temperatures vary.

Keep Cool

When catering for groups, refrigerator space can be at a premium. The week of the party remove all non essential items from the fridge to allow for the party food. For a larger functions consider borrowing another fridge as a back up or maybe even hire a small portable cool room.

Food Safety Principles

For food that is to be served hot, heat the cold food as quickly as possible to 75°C then hold above 60°C. For food to be served cold, ensure the food remains under 5°C.